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Smart Classes
The Smart School by virtue of its practicality is a pioneering and proactive effort to make learning practical. It converts and converges the world into a classroom......
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Computer Lab
In the age of computer literacy is must. So, computer education is compulsory . The computer room is designed to bring the latest in the field of information technology....
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Cultural Programs
Understanding the culture of a nation, people, or group—the arts, beliefs, customs, practices, values, and social behaviors—lies at the heart of TCS. By attending....
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Welcome to Our School
At TATHAGAT CHILDREN'S SCHOOL PATNA ,we believe in Happy Families. They make the neighbourhood a joy to live in .Societies are happier and the World thus a safer and secure place to be in.TCS is all about letting the child evolve freely with love and care .Our focus is on Academics with Values and Ethics which provide a base from which he can explore the world. The infrastructure we have provided is modern and friendly. The endeavour is to let the child experience a sense of comfort and security at the same time to provide opportunity for growth and life-long learning. We believe that Integrity is the greatest assets any human being can have. Education needs to inculcate this value in the learner. The only way we can create that for the learner is leading by an example.
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All kind of PDF related your class [2020-05-17]

All kind of PDF related your class