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Audio Visual Classes
  1. The Smart School by virtue of its practicality is a pioneering and proactive effort to make learning practical.
  2. It converts and converges the world into a classroom.
  3. It provides an opportunity for the teacher to be a guide and a research assistant to the student in his quest for understanding the subject.
  4. This also makes learning fun and exciting for all – student, teacher and the administrator.
  5. The benefit is many folds to the intellect of India.
  6. The rewards are large.
  7. Technology is only the enabler to the learning process and not the object of learning there of. "Intelligence is not an inherent element of a human but a result of a systematic development".
  8. Children in today's technologically advanced society, are growing up in an educational environment that is struggling to overcome the teacher centered classroom in which the student's achievement is based on a system of memorization and recitation of material contained in a single content are textbook and an evaluation system that leaves no room to the development of its practical significance.
  9. In a Smart School the complete classroom is technology enabled.